Short Course on Water Management (scholarships are available)

11 01 2010

Dear All,

For all who is interested on this topic. Go for it!!!!

good luck,



Dear Madam/Sir,

Just a kindly reminder of the Intensive Training Programme

“Technology for Integrated Water Management” (in cooperation with Ghent University)

Duration: 15 weeks (September 2010 – December 2010)
Location: University of Antwerp, Belgium
Language: English
Scholarships: We can provide 15 VLIR-UOS Scholarships for people from developing countries, covering all costs for enrolment, travelling and accommodation.
Application deadline February 1st 2010
How to apply? To apply for the scholarship, please register first trough

Applications that meet the requirements will then receive a file number.
You need this file number to continue the process with the application form you can find on our website

People who want to participate without a scholarship can apply directly through our website.

May I ask you to forward this message to people who are working in the field of integrated water management and might be interested to follow this course?

Kind regards and best wishes for 2010!

Universiteit Antwerpen | IMDO

CDE | P.001

Universiteitsplein 1

B-2610 Wilrijk | Belgium

T. +32 3 265 21 25

F. +32 3 265 21 28



16 responses

17 01 2010

thanks for this scholarship information!

26 03 2010

thanks for visiting this blog

25 03 2010

To whom it may concern,

I would like to inquire regarding a training course for water transport and distribution Please send to us your courses offering in full details of the training course programs and expenses for each person. Includes training course fee, duration of training (if possible, three weeks), date of registration and start of training (if possible April 2010), full accommodation, other activities and events.
We are five people who are interested to participate.

Thank you very much and appreciated if you can send to us immediately.

Ali Ahmed
Great Man Made River Authority
Tripoli, Libya

26 03 2010

hi Ali,
I have sent you an email to your inbox, with additional info about alternative course. Please tell me if you have not yet get response from Mr. Ribbe or Mr. Gaese, I am going to contact them by phone.

29 05 2010
Ahmad Rizal

Dear All,
Would you like to inform me about Technology for Integrated Water Management short course for next time. Please contact me by e-mail.
Thank you for your information.
Ahmad Rizal
Water Supply Company of Tangerang – Banten. Indonesia

19 01 2013
19 09 2010
Jasmin Mickael

Dear Mr/Mrs,
I would like to ask if i can expect the similar short course in 2011?

Thank you in advance

19 01 2013
24 09 2010

Its a very good course which i should atend,
Please can you let me know when the next intake is announced

19 01 2013
22 10 2010
Quinex Chiluwe

To whom it may concern

I would like to thank you for the support rendered by VLIR-UOS scholarship scheme to most African students. However, I have not been able to apply for this scholarship because my country MALAWI, though very poor misses out on the beneficial countries. Do I have an opportunity in future or any other way to get access to this kind of scholarships with you?

Respond through my email address please.



19 01 2013
27 06 2011
Naphtallie Banda

please, are their corses for 2011,,iam very intrested and would realy apreciate to have an opportunity of learning more on intergrated water resorce management.

19 01 2013
22 08 2011
charity musalale

please when are we having another scholarship of this nature please let me have the information

19 01 2013

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